These Sangemarmar Marble God Statues are a timeless addition to any space. Carved from the finest quality marble, they feature intricate details and an exquisite finish. The statues make a perfect gift for any occasion, or a great accent piece to adorn any room. Ideal for your home or office, these statues will bring beauty and serenity wherever they are placed. With their classic charm and stunning craftsmanship, these statues are sure to be admired for years to come.

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  • -20%Limited
    marble ganesh murti
    Marble Ganesh Murti 1,920.00

    Brand – Sangemarmar Marble Art Gallery
    Color – multicolor
    Material – Sangemarmar
    Product -Sangemarmar Marble Ganesh Murti
    Made in Country – India
    Height – 3 inches | Weight – 250 gm| Length – 3.5 inch

    Ganesh Murti increases wealth and eliminates all problems from life
    Sangemarmar marble Ganesh murti at sartaaj sangemarmar
    Sangemarmar marble murti arts are the manufacturer of marble Ganesh statues in white marble

  • -13%Limited
    hanuman murti
    Sangemarmar Marble Hanuman Ji 1,300.00

    Color: – White Color With Multi Paint.
    Material – Pure Sangemarmar is the main component.
    Craftsmanship – A Skilled Artisan Made This Hanuman Murti.
    Packaging:  – Package packing with bubble wrap for secure delivery using a premium corrugated box
    Made in Country – India
    Height – 3 inch
    Weight – 350 gm
    Length – 3.5 inch

  • -10%Limited
    Sangemarmar Marble Laughing Buddha 3,600.00

    Pure or natural Sangemarmar Marble was used to create the Laughing Buddha statue at Sangemarmar.
    It is the finest work of art. It was entirely constructed by hand. It’s white.
    This Sangemarmar statue features exquisite stone carving and a lovely design.
    This statue was constructed by our craftsman using the finest marble and cutting-edge technologies.
    On this statue, the smiling Buddha is perched on a nugget.
    In his right hand, he is holding beads that are said to bring success and wealth.

  • -17%Limited
    Sangemarmar radha krishna marble murti
    Sangemarmar Marble Radha Krishna 4,000.00

    Brand – Sangemarmar Marble Art Gallery
    Color – Off White+multi color
    Material – Sangemarmar Marble
    Product -Sangemarmar Marble Radha Krishna
    Made in Country – India
    Height – 3 inch
    Weight – 250 gm
    Length – 3.5 inch

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